Monday, April 11, 2011

Because I'm Boring-Ass Boring: A Post About Baby Bibs

The other day while I was on the phone with Kristen discussing baby bibs (as you do), my longtime pal, trusted advisor, and experienced mother of three (three under three I might add), notified me that I simply must purchase a wipeable (Google confirms "wipeable" is a word) bib for feeding solid foods to Robinson. 

The next day, I took young Rob to Buy Buy Baby, and among our purchases was a bib. Man, are these bibs ugly! I found a couple I liked though. We know how indecisive I am. So how was I to choose between these two bibs?
 I personally was leaning towards the lion, so I enthusiastically showed Robinson this bib first:
And then he looked at me like this...

Is it just me, or does he not look amused? Not wanting too read to much into the facial expressions of an infant, I showed him this bib next, with the same enthusiasm as with the lion bib:
Now I'm holding a bib in each hand, so he can look at both bibs at the same time. He looks back at the lion bib, then he looks at the dog bib, and while still staring at the dog bib, he makes this face:
So the dog bib is the winner. And he still smiles when he looks at it. I thought this was so sweet, I immediately called my mom to tell her about it. It sounds so insignificant, but this was the very first time Robinson has indicated a preference for something. That's a big deal! By the way, Kristen was right (is she ever wrong?) about the wipeable bib. You must have one.

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  1. in case you need more, gaines has these from target & i love them...

    the dog one is super cute but buy buy baby is too far away for me!