Friday, April 1, 2011

Two Mutts and a Baby

Thanks to my monthly "Robinson and Laney" photo session, history will remember Laney and Robinson as best buddies. This is the untold story.

Libby thinks she is Robinson's nanny. She sits nearby and watches over him as he plays. She gamely allows him to tug her hair and pat her on the head. If Robinson spits up, Libby is cleaning him up faster than I am. It's gross. If he cries, she gives him kisses to comfort him. When that doesn't work, she finds me, to make sure I'm doing something about it.

Libby is either on the run from the law, or she's embarrassed to be seen with a baby, because she refuses to allow her photo to be taken with Robinson. I'm determined to capture at least one image of Robinson and Libby playing together for his baby book. She's making my job tough.
Libby just told Robinson a funny joke
He's laughing hysterically, but she's gone in an instant
Playing together
Guarding him to ensure his safety at all times
 They were playing until she saw the camera. She quickly moved to distance herself.
Libby just gave Robinson kisses 

Laney's attitude towards Robinson is...different. Laney is eight. She's been treated like a person her entire life. She's smart enough to recognize that Robinson's arrival has bumped her down a notch in the family pecking order. And what's so great about a stinky ol' baby anyway?
Laney cooperates with this monthly photo session for two reasons: 1. She enjoys having her picture taken. 2. She loves attention. She has come to resent her role as photo prop, but she begrudgingly complies.

Laney feels the same way about Robinson that The Office's Michael Scott feels about Toby Flenderson.
I'm sitting on the couch beside Laney, with Robinson in my lap. He reaches out and begins patting Laney's head and tugging her hair. She glares at him. I'm working to free her ear fur from his tightly clenched baby fists. He does it again. She grumbles. Rob waves his hand in the air. She takes his hand in her mouth and just holds it there. She looks me in the eye as if to say "Do you see what I could do to him?" Duly noted. I banish her from the couch and give her the cold shoulder for the rest of the day. I've learned through the years that Laney views being shunned as the worst punishment.

A couple days later, I'm sitting in the floor with Robinson and Libby. We're all playing together, and I'm praising Libby and giving her hugs for being so sweet to Robinson. Laney is watching us from across the room, seething. She gets up, walks over to us, sits up straight and tall with her head held high, and then--with as much affection as she can muster--she gently rests one paw on top of Robinson's head. Then she looks at me. It's as if Laney is saying to me (in Janeane Garofalo's emotionless monotone voice):
"Boy, I tell you what. I've never considered myself a 'baby' person, but with one as adorable as little Robert here, I can't help but love him. It must melt your heart to witness this tender moment between a boy and his dog. I bet it makes you want to cook me an omelet. Maybe take me for a walk."

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  1. This is so funny! I think our dog also has Michael Scott vs. Toby Flenderson thoughts towards our baby. Poor guy!