Monday, March 28, 2011

Teach Your Children Well

This post will be submitted with my "Mother of the Year" nomination. Children love imitating whatever they see their parents doing, and based on these photos, it's very clear what this baby's mother spends her time doing:

The last photo is of Robinson holding a remote control. Let me assure you: this is not this mother's attempt at a cutesy staged photo-op. Robinson cries for these objects. I give him the DVD remote, because it's small enough not to hurt him when he hits himself in the head with it, and he can't change the cable channels or tamper with my DVR settings.

I always have a back issue of Us Weekly or a J. Crew catalog on hand for when Robinson sees me reading a magazine, otherwise he will rip the pages out of my current issue of Us Weekly while I'm still reading it.

My phone is Robinson's favorite toy. He cries and waves his hands wildly until I give it to him. His clumsy little fingers do all sorts of things with my touch screen phone. He moves around the icons on the Home Screen. The other day, he added a Starbucks Finder app and the Facebook Phonebook to my Home Screen. Both are helpful additions, so I kept them.

The embarrassing part is that his compulsion to always be holding a phone, magazine, or remote control is not a great testament to how I spend my day. If he was crying to push a vacuum or scrub a bathtub or fold laundry, it would make me look much better. Robinson, I hope you're taking notes.


  1. He's so cute, Samantha. This post made me giggle. :)

  2. Thank you so much! He's a sweet little boy. :)

  3. Haha! That's so awesome. My cousin used to walk around the house with a phone cradled on his shoulder, pretending to talk on it like his mama. They pick up on EVERYTHING! Thanks for the smile today, mama. :)