Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Robinson is Eight Months Old!

The last month with Robinson has flown by so quickly, but there have been so many milestones and developments during this time. It's been very exciting in our home!
Check out my tooth!
Early in the month, it became clear that Robinson has outgrown the bouncy seat. What was once our go-to lifesaving device used to soothe, entertain, and occupy our little boy was no longer useful. Our busy little boy doesn't want to be strapped into a seat anymore. It was a bittersweet moment when I removed it from our living room and put it away in the back of Robinson's closet.
Bye-bye bouncy!
One of the biggest reasons the bouncy seat is no longer appropriate for Robinson is because our big boy is sitting up all by himself!
After weeks of rocking back and forth on all-fours, our little man took off crawling on St. Patrick's Day! It's a good thing I've been childproofing our home. I have to keep a close eye on him now, because his favorite place in the house is on our ceramic tile floor in the kitchen. He crawls across the living room just to get there, so he can slap his hands on the tile. He loves the sound it makes. Can't get enough of it, in fact.
Since Rob is a big boy, sitting up and crawling, I decided it is high time for a high chair. I ordered it online, and was so excited when it arrived at my doorstep a few days later. I immediately began assembling the chair all by myself! I was very proud. So proud, in fact, that I preserved the memory in photos. Rob now eats all his solid meals sitting in his high chair, and if he gets fussy while I'm cooking dinner, I strap him into the high chair and roll him into the kitchen so he can watch me cook.
this is where Mama used to feed me...
about an hour later!

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