Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Robinson's First Playdate

Steve and I took Robinson to his first playdate the other day--with an adorable ten-month-old little boy named Grayson. Robinson and Grayson don't go to daycare, so they don't regularly have the opportunity to socialize and play with babies their age. I want Robinson to make friends, and at 7.5 months old, I felt that he's reached an age where he is more interactive and likes to play, so it's a good time to start placing Rob in social situations. Grayson is 2.5 months older than Rob, which for babies is a pretty big age gap. At the time of this playdate, Rob was days away from crawling, and Gray was days away from walking. Gray has lots of fun toys in his living room that he sweetly shared with Rob, and all but the most basic of toys were too advanced for Rob. It was still cute to see the boys interact with one another, and all the parents considered the playdate a success. We're already discussing plans for our next playdate, so that Robinson and Grayson see each other often enough to remember each other and become real friends.

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