Friday, March 18, 2011

Celebrating Five Years of Marriage!

Five years ago today, I became "Mrs. Steve". This is the point in a traditional blog where I gush about how Steve is the best husband, and I'm the luckiest woman, and on, and on. But this isn't that type of blog, and I'm not that type of girl. I'm not gonna ramble on about how my husband is better than your husband. Plus, I think it would embarrass Steve. Or he'd be flattered. See? After all these years, he still keeps me guessing. Instead of simply lavishing Steve with praise (it would just go to his head), I'll describe our marriage in a nutshell; in case you were curious.  

I'm genuinely very fond of Steve. That sounds like I'm stating the obvious, but when cohabitating and merging finances, liking your spouse is key. The dynamics of marriage are complicated. Shit gets real, and when one of you can't balance her checkbook and repeatedly adopts puppies without discussing it first, and the other clips his toenails in the bed and leaves his dirty clothes all over the house, it helps if you can make each other laugh. Also, I highly recommend marrying somebody whose neuroses and idiosyncrasies are in proportion to your own. It reduces your chances of annoying the hell out of your spouse. Steve and I are equal parts OCD and ADD, and it works.

Five years of marriage feels surprisingly refreshing. That sounds like I'm describing Sprite, but I'm not going to edit. As I was saying, we're really comfortable, yet we're not bored with each other. I'm still excited when I see his name on my Caller ID. And we laugh at each other's jokes. Laughter seems to be a key element to a happy marriage. Steve has made me so happy, and I love the life we've made together in Texas. I'm really excited about what the future holds!

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