Thursday, July 7, 2011

We Did it Steve's Way | Robinson's First Haircut

I had ideas about how Robinson's first haircut would play out. I would wait until he was about 14 months old. I had no real reason for choosing that age. I just thought it seemed like a good age for a first haircut. He would be old enough to have grown sufficient hair to be cut, and we wouldn't be cutting his hair so early as to make him look like a toddler prematurely, and we wouldn't be delaying the haircut to such an age as to tread into Kate Hudson territory:
That's a little boy.

I may occasionally dress in the style of "boho chic", but I am not one of those hippie people who doesn't believe in short hair on little boys. And my husband doesn't believe in bowl cuts. So there's our philosophy on boys' hair.

Sidenote: at a baby shower earlier this year, I pointed out to Amy that celebrity spawn Ryder Robinson is the child of actress Kate Hudson and rocker Chris Robinson and that Amy's baby's name is Hudson and my baby's name is Robinson and she and I are the best of friends and isn't that interesting? Amy says that this isn't interesting, but she isn't at all surprised that I would think of this.

Robinson's first haircut came earlier than anticipated for three reasons:

1. He grew the oh-so-desirable "baby mullet"
2. He was mistaken for a little girl by a well-meaning restaurant patron.

3. His hair is always falling into his eyes, like the Looney Tunes quail

I mean, did you see that last picture? It looked like he'd already had his hair cut...with a Suck Kut...
"It certainly does suck..."

So, back when I planned for Robinson's perfect first haircut at the perfect age of 14 months, I wanted to take him to a perfect stylist I once worked with named Savanh. Savanh is super fabulous and a very talented stylist. She cuts adults' hair, but the adults love her so much, and she is so wonderful with children, her adult clients bring their children to her. She takes her time and lovingly creates personalized styles for each and every tot who sits in her chair. She charges $35 for a kid's hair cut. That's high for a kid's cut, but she's worth it. Steve had other ideas involving a trip to Great Clips. Marriage is about compromise, so I gave in without protest. Ok, maybe I rolled my eyes.

 And if I wet his hair and style it, it looks like this for a little while:
...before it morphs into what I affectionately refer to as "The Friar Tuck":
So yeah, I love the haircut. You know what's the weirdest part? He has this "big boy haircut" that makes him look like he's two years old, but he doesn't act like a sophisticated toddler on the brink of preschool. He still grunts and snorts and swipes at my coffee mug, spilling my coffee on my lap like a demon cave baby. His baby behavior betrays his grown-up appearance. It's off-putting.

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