Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Far Behind

I have all but abandoned blogging in recent weeks, which was noticed by exactly no one. I feel the need to acknowledge my lapse in postings just the same. It feels awkward to resume blogging as if no time has passed and there has been no absence. Also, my writing muscles are so rusty, I feel like I need to take an English Composition course. Consider this my awkward attempt at a segue.

I have neglected my blog terribly over the past couple of months. I've neglected my diet and exercise regimen as well. But I haven't neglected my child, so let's be glad for that! I've been travelling and on vacation, and have eaten so much fried crap over the past couple weeks, I confessed to my pal Amy that I feel as though I've got bacon grease running through my veins and that I've been carved out of dough. She suggested I try the Paleo diet to jump start my weight loss. No carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no joy. But the occasional shot of vodka. This diet may be good for my blog as well as my waistline. I can write during the time I would have spent eating bread. And maybe my writing will be more colorful because I could be a little bit drunk.

Although my life has been eventful enough over the past month to inspire plenty of posts, I didn't have the opportunity to write about the events as they were happening. Time is the enemy of this blogger. I need to write about things immediately. I don't know if I can muster the enthusiasm or carve out the time to write about things that happened weeks ago. But I'll try. In the mean time, I'll attempt to get back on track with the blogging from this moment forward.

As I'm typing this, I'm hearing from Vinnie Politan that the Casey Anthony jury has reached a verdict, which will be read in open court at 2:15PM Eastern time. So, whoever chose 10 hours 40 minutes of jury deliberation in their Verdict Watch pool (don't act like you didn't make a wager) is the winner. I had predicted that deliberations would last longer than 8 hours but would conclude before the end of the second day. So I was right. Better find a TV (tune into HLN or TruTv) and if you're at work, check out streaming video at the Orlando Sentinel site.

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  1. So. I'm in the same boat. Haven't been a good blogger in years, especially in recent months. I was driving along yesterday, had a great idea for a post comparing two things, didn't write it down or write the post when I got home and promptly forgot any of it this morning when I woke up. Like you said, with practice it's nothing to whip out a post. Without it seems impossible at times.