Friday, July 8, 2011

New Layout. New Outlook.

Do we like the new blog layout? I think the design suits my personality and the tone of my blog better than the precious shabby chic layout previously did. It was much sweeter than I am. Plus, peacocks are kinda muh thang.

I am not sold on the font, but that's ok. I changed a lot in one day. Thanks for fabulous free layouts at The Cutest Blog on the Block! I don't know why I'm making a plug. I don't get paid to promote anything on my blog. But a little gratitude is always nice; it's a nice break from the typical snark I sling around here.

Speaking of snark, thank you for letting me get the rest of my Casey Anthony hostility out of my system! After seeing her in court today, the day she clearly thought she'd be released--note the Snooki pouf she's sporting--
It's like Elvira-meets-Snooki-meets-Amy Winehouse with a shit-eating grin and a cable knit sweater (as you wear in Orlando in July). Some reporters were sitting in front of George and Cindy Anthony during today's proceedings and they had the opportunity to overhear their chit-chat. George and Cindy were going on about how long Casey's hair has gotten, and how pretty she looks. 

That's it. I'm done. She's a baby killer. She got away with murder. She has a wacked-out family. They can have each other. Would you like to know what I've been accomplishing--and what I should have been accomplishing--in the time I've wasted watching this stupid trial?
  1. I finished reading Bossypants by Tina Fey. Loved it.
  2. I purchased new sheets. Restoration Hardware was having a sale. 
  3. I ordered the invitations for Robinson's birthday party
  4. I redesigned my blog
  5. I wrote about 7 blog posts
  6. I cooked dinner for my family
  7. I watched a movie with Robinson. Or tried. He's pretty squirmy.
  8. I resumed logging my daily food intake on And not a moment too soon. I was unknowingly eating about 2,500 calories a day! Body by Sargento.
  9. I worked on Robinson's Shutterfly baby book. 
That's kind of it so far. But I need to work out and finish planning Rob's party. And for Heaven's sake, step away from the dairy products!

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