Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bombshell Accusations

To summarize the Defense's case (chock-full of bombshell accusations, and not facts or beliefs that I personally hold to be true): The reason Casey didn't report Caylee missing for 30 days was because she was never missing. And she isn't guilty of murder, because there was no murder.

Blogger's Note: If you believe any of that, I've got some Florida swampland to sell you.

According to defense attorney Jose Baez, Caylee accidentally drowned in the family pool June 16, 2008. Casey's father, George Anthony discovered Caylee in the pool, and assisted in concealing her accidental death. Why would George do this? Why does Casey go about her life as if nothing was wrong? Because she was "raised to lie" and spent her entire life concealing the unspeakable acts of sexual abuse she allegedly endured from her father and, to a lesser extent, her brother.

Blogger's Note: George Anthony and Lee Anthony have never been charged with such crimes.

So, Casey is damaged and has issues that cause her to behave in ways that appear...inappropriate for a grieving mother. But it isn't her fault. She copes by disassociating and compartmentalizing her life.
This is what "disassociating" and "compartmentalizing" looks like, in case you were curious. Taken four days after Caylee's death.

Regarding the discovery of Caylee's body, that meter reader Roy Kronck was a "morally bankrupt" man who had found Caylee's body, then hid Caylee's body, for a time, then placed her in an area for him to "find" Caylee's body and collect on a reward. Did you get all that?

This opening argument is very incendiary. Lead Defense attorney Jose Baez can take liberties with his opening arguments, but in order to win an acquittal, he will have to support these stunning accusations with testimony or evidence. Methinks Mr. Baez has written a check with his mouth that his ass can't cash. Stay tuned.

Blogger's Note: I will fully disclose that I am firmly planted in the camp that believes Casey Anthony is guilty of murder, and that nothing in Jose Baez's opening arguments designed to explain away the crime is truthful or accurate. If Casey made up these stories of incest to save herself, she's disgusting. Disgusting like a baby killer. 

Next up: Witnesses for the Prosecution and a colorful cast of characters

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