Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What?! I LOVE Her!

The other night, Steve and I are watching the new Showtime series, Shameless.  It stars William H. Macy as a neglectful, drunken father of six, and Emmy Rossum as the oldest of his brood. Aside from the generous helping of full-frontal nudity and gratuitous sex scenes, I rather enjoyed the show. In the middle of one scene that is focusing on Emmy's character Fiona, Steve turns to me and says, "I don't know what you're talking about, this chick is great."

My head snapped towards him. "What? What are you talking about? I've never said anything negative about Emmy Rossum." Steve shrugs, like "Are you sure? Ok." and I'm all like, "No! Why would I have anything bad to say about Emmy Rossum? I like her. No problems with her whatsoever!"

Maybe I'm a little sensitive because I post a lot of blogs about chicks who I like to make fun of and who I don't really dig. That's why I've decided to dedicate this post to Chicks I Like: Ten Women in Showbusiness who I find completely lovely.

1. Sandra Bullock
She's witty, self-deprecating, and down-to-earth. She handled an embarrassing public divorce with grace, and rather than seek attention, she lives a quiet life in Austin, Texas with her adorable baby. As far as Academy Award-winning mothers go, I much prefer Sandy over say, Gwyneth Paltrow.

2. Sheryl Crow
She's a prolific musician with a laid-back, no nonsense approach to life. Like Sandy, she also handled a public split with dignity, beat breast cancer and has quietly adopted two really cute little boys who she raises in Nashville. As far as rocker moms go, Sheryl Crow is so much cooler than Melissa Etheridge.

3. Emma Stone
I dig a smart and sassy girl, and Emma has smarts and sass in spades. I think she has a bright career ahead of her, and as far as flame-haired, raspy voiced starlets go, she's a huge improvement over Lindsay Lohan.

4. Shakira
Besides being a star here in America, she's a huge sensation in her native Colombia. The things she can do with her hips are extraordinary, but have you listened to her talk in an interview? I was not prepared for how thoughtful, intelligent and well-prepared she was to speak about the charity she was working to raise awareness for. This woman really has her shit together. Sofia Vergara could learn a thing or two from Shakira.

5. Kelly Osbourne

Five years ago, I never thought Kelly would land on a list like this. She is a shining example that if you don't like the life you're living, you can turn it around and make a whole new life for yourself. She used to be fat. Now she's not. She used to be a horrid dresser with weird hair. Now she's not. She used to be a drug addict. Now she's not. She hosts a show called Fashion Police, where she makes the most astute, thoughtful observations of any member of the panel. In terms of musician daughters-turned-fashionistas, I'd much rather spend a day with Kelly over Nicole Richie. It ain't even close.

6. Julianne Moore
She's a redhead, she's extremely talented, she doesn't crave attention or have an agenda she wants to cram down our throats. She's a gorgeous actress with a beautiful family, and the poster child for sunscreen. Basically she's my hero. People should be blindly worshiping Julianne instead of Angelina Jolie.

7. Rachel McAdams

I hope Rachel's career spans decades. She's so lovely and talented, what more can I say about her? I couldn't even hate her when she was dating my boyfriend, Ryan Gosling. I'd much rather see a film starring Rachel than Claire Danes.

8. Lauren Conrad
There are about ten reasons why this chick should bug the piss out of me, but she just doesn't. I like her, I think she has great style, and I respect the way she used two silly reality shows as a launching pad for this amazingly successful career she has created for herself. It's like carving a masterpiece out of a hunk of Spam. It's like playing a symphony on a ukulele, it's like writing a work of literary genius on a cardboard box. You get where I'm going. Even if none of it was her idea, she still managed to surround herself with smart business people and not screw it up, which means she must be kinda smart. She's no Kardashian, that's for sure.

9. Mila Kunis
I have maintained for years that if I could look exactly like a celebrity, it would be Mila Kunis. She is just drop-dead gorgeous, and tiny, and adorable. It helps that she comes across as bright, relaxed, and unpretentious. I just really dig this chick and I'm glad her star is rising. Compared to other sexy starlets like Scarlett Johansson, I much prefer Mila.

10. Elizabeth Banks
In addition to having appeared in some of the funniest films and TV series of the past decade, Elizabeth Banks seems like a Good Time Sally who is down for having some fun. She's gorgeous, but doesn't seem to take herself too seriously, and doesn't seem to be trying too hard to be the hot, funny chick. She could teach Jenny McCarthy a thing or two.

Honorable Mentions: Amy Sedaris, Catherine Keener, Annette Bening, Jane Lynch, Sarah Chalke, Kristin Davis, Jennie Garth, Toni Collette, Edie Falco, Laura Linney, Keri Russell, Maya Rudolph, Rashida Jones

See, I like lots of people!

Edit: How on earth did I forget Amy Adams?! Love her. Consider her on my list...and Amy Poehler.

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