Monday, January 24, 2011

Wanna See Robinson's Nursery?

I finished decorating Robinson's room months ago, but I intended to share it with all of you as part of my 101 Things in 1001 Days project:

5. Finish decorating the baby's nursery

We didn't set out to create a theme, but along the way it evolved into a sort of retro room. We filled the room with pieces passed down through our family and flea market finds, and decorated with toys and gifts that belonged to family members and had been saved for decades: a ceramic dog container that held flowers given when my grandmother was born; my mother's cowboy boots; my dad's building blocks, my brother's racecars, my Disney stuffed animals. It made the space feel familiar, comforting and special, and signified the generations of people welcoming Robinson to our family. I believe it was very "green" of me as well to repurpose so many items we already owned. I really cut down on my carbon footprint with this room.
Robinson's nursery: the reupholstered glider my mom once sat in while rocking me to sleep, a Bombay Company accent table from the 1990's that was once in my parents' home. 
The only new furniture purchase: A Pottery Barn Kids crib with custom bedding.
Custom bedding created by my mom.
My childhood dresser from the 1980's, doubling as a changing table, a ZGallerie mirror from my parents' house in the 2000's.
A grouping of some of my favorite family and childhood photos. The frames once hung on my parents' kitchen wall (mid-1990's). The top center photo is of my grandfather, Robinson's namesake.
 This is our flea market find: a telephone table circa 1950's that my mom repainted and upholstered.
 Ikea shelving (a new purchase) holds keepsakes: the teddy bear I gave Jarred when he was born, my mom's cowboy boots, my grandfather's old cigar box (he used them to keep his receipts and important documents organized), my brother's He-Man and racecars, Steve's rubix cube, my Samantha bobblehead.

A bookshelf from Steve's old apartment holds toys and books, including my brother's lava lamp, a frog golfer Steve gave me when we first began dating, and several stuffed animals purchased from Disney World in the 1980's.

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