Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've Got a Headache, and it's not a Toomer

"This has everything to do with a deranged person stealing joy from people who are guilty of nothing but loving their school." -Andy Staples, Sports Illustrated.
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I'm profoundly saddened by the poisoning of the Toomer's Corner oak trees. My brother and I each had our pictures taken under these trees when we graduated from Auburn.
 I looked forward to bringing my son here one day. Driving through the intersection of College and Magnolia evokes a feeling of peacefulness and of being home in a way that few other places have for me. Even if you are not an Auburn fan, and even if you think the tradition of rolling the trees that's been passed down through generations is silly, perhaps you have an appreciation of tradition, or a sense of whimsy, or maybe respect for nature. These 130-year-old oak trees meant a lot of things to a lot of people.
I don't understand how anybody can be so hateful. Football rivalries aside, anybody who makes jokes or snide remarks about this is cruel, and I've read some such remarks in my own Facebook News Feed, prompting me to delete two friends already. Seriously, if you can't even set the rivalry aside long enough to acknowledge that this is a horrible event (or just say nothing at all), I think you're awful. 
Here is another photo of Toomer's Corner in better days. Everyone in Auburn loves rolling Toomer's Corner, and that's what it's best known for, but my favorite memories are just of walking through campus on a pretty day. The Auburn Family has been robbed of something that it can't get back. The person suspected of committing this atrocity has been arrested, but I'm not sure there can be justice. These iconic trees are irreplaceable.

The historic marker, offering a little history lesson: 
Toomer's Corner in the 1890's, via The Langham Project 


  1. I still cannot believe that this is happening. I'm with you, while I love rolling Toomer's Corner, my favorite times are the ones spent walking through Samford lawn and under the trees while courting my husband or while on my way to get lemonade with my friends. These trees are such a part of Auburn. It is really tragic.

  2. I definitely hate that someone did this and especially over a silly football rivalry! This rivalry is taken way too far MOST of time. :(

  3. I'm with you...I'm in utter SHOCK at some of the things that some people have said on facebook. I may even know who you deleted...because I probably deleted them too ;) That was taking it way too far and anyone who defends the idiot that did this is a moron and I don't wish them to be a fan of my school. They're giving us a bad name.

  4. I haven't seen anyone defend what he did....I am glad that I haven't seen that! Speaking of that I hate how facebook chooses randomly who's status' I see...I know I can manually change that but I am a baby and don't want too! :)