Monday, January 30, 2012

Two Mutts and a Tot

Wow! It's been a while, right? Things are really different here. For example...

I don't live here anymore:
I live here.
 I don't take pictures of Robinson in his chair with Laney every month.
I sold the chair on Craigslist, and due to Laney's building resentment and acts of aggression towards Robinson, our vet has strongly advised that Robinson and Laney keep a safe distance from one another. Laney hides like a cat, and Robinson...well Robinson runs through the house like a streak of lightening from sunrise to sunset.
Robinson is a total handful and a pure joy. He turned 18 months last week. I was late in scheduling his official 18-month pediatrician appointment, so I'll write a post about Rob when I can publish his stats. Or when I have a free moment. Whichever comes first.

An interesting thing about moving is seeing the way your furniture and decorative items translate from your old home to your new home. In our case, the new house has a playroom and clearly defined hallways, and this has created additional wall space for decorating with art projects! All the time I used to spend blogging is now spent trolling Pinterest for ideas, shopping at the hardware and craft stores, and creating my arts and crafts to decorate our new house. It has been lots of fun, and in the coming weeks I'll post photos!

I've been at a loss for blogging inspiration, but I want to try to recommit to writing. I love having written records of our adventures and experiences. This time with Robinson is one of the happiest of our lives, but chasing a toddler is exhausting! My only hope of preserving these happy memories is through the blog. I tell you all this to explain why some of my future posts may be about events that took place in the recent past, because I want to get it in writing before I forget it entirely! Please bear with me through these first few wordy and long-winded posts--I tend to ramble when I've gotten rusty with my writing.

I have missed the interaction with all my "blog buddies", so whether you comment on my posts directly, or on the links I post to my Facebook page, I want to say a big "Howdy!" to ya, and hope that we're still friends after this huge absence!

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  1. yay! you're back! i've missed you! can't wait to see new pics of the new house!