Thursday, June 9, 2011

It Started with a Chair...

So, I passed this on the way to brunch a couple of Sundays ago. Seriously, this is "the most magnificent discarded living room set I've ever seen." 
I want to tell my neighbors that Juno MacGuff does not live here and will not be strolling along and taking this little beauty off their hands.
It's too bad they didn't toss that puppy out during the fall of 2009. How classic would it have been if I had snagged the neighbor's recliner, and was lounging in my front yard when Steve left for work in the morning. He'd be confused about why I'm sitting in a chair in our front yard, but you know, he'd still be happy to see me. Then, while pretending to smoke an unlit pipe, I'd tell him I'm pregnant! It beats shoving a positive pregnancy test in his face while he's trying to watch the Cowboys game. Opportunity missed.
Sorry to any reader who hasn't seen Juno. This must all be so confusing for you. Pay no attention to me. Good day to you all.

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